The full experience was amazing and I am very impressed with Geeta’s knowledge on Ayurveda and her ability to read your body and what treatments can really help. I come most weeks and would recommend Geeta to anyone who wants to experience the power of Ayurveda.
— David Smith, Athlete

I was very happy with what I learned and tried to implement all Geeta’s suggestions in my life. I found Geeta very professional and able to explain everything with easy words, so the integration of her approach in my every-day life resulted easier.
— Germano Ferrari, EU Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs

I found Geeta very calm and professional. You can tell she knows how to live a balanced and healthy life which gives me great respect for her advice. My husband and son has also been and we are hoping to all use Geeta’s advice in our daily life. To start with I made some small changes and it directly had positive impact on my sleep. The advice was in depth which is of great value.
— Caroline Wigart, London.

As I followed the guidance of Geeta’s plan, I visibly noticed the change in my skin, eyes, energy levels and others noticed the difference too, commenting of how much better my appearance became. I also felt that whilst I prepared psychologically for the transition into motherhood, it was vital to also prepare physically. By the time we conceived, I felt more confident that my body was prepared to manage the levels of change bio-chemically as much as it was psychologically. Geeta was able to offer perspectives on all the different aspects, and the detailed written plan for the duration of my pregnancy and suggestions for the post partum stage.
— Sreety Das, London

I have been seeing Geeta over the past year. Ayurveda has really helped me in a lot of different aspects of my life, mentally and physically. I have a really wonderful connection with Geeta and feel very comfortable with her. The advice on food according to my dosha has helped me a lot as well as her emphasis on routine for more of a mental (and of course physical) balance. Her explanations on how your body and mind are so connected has helped me to understand so much about my own body and what works for me and what doesn’t etc.
— Nicky Connolly, Social Media Manager

After my nasya treatment I had a very deep sleep that night. Geeta spent a long time catching up with me before the treatment and I felt that she used her understanding of my energy and what I needed to deliver the optimum treatment for me.
— Anonymous, Construction

I had problems with my vision due to eyestrain from computer and iPhone. After few months since I began to fell tension in my eyes, my vision become unclear and unfocused - while reading. I felt frustrated, as I noticed that my vision is deteriorating, and because I could not read more than 5 min at a time, then I needed to rest my eyes. (prior to that I would read for hours without even noticing my body or eyes).

Since I knew a little about Ayurveda and I am optimist to, I decided to give a try to Netra Basti. After 3 sessions which I booked with Geeta, I regained my vision. During 3 weeks as I had appointment weekly, I practiced at home what Geeta has recommended - exercises for the eyes and Nasya. I am happy to have my eyesight as it was before. Again I can read, small print too. Of course from now on I will look after my eyes and definitely I would recommend Geeta and Ayurveda to friends and family.
— Poorna , Yoga Instructor, London

Geeta is highly professional, welcoming and understanding as well as skilful to establish personalised help. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to seek help in finding answers to and seeking to improving their health and enhance the positive aspects of life. I found her guidance and insight to the way of living most helpful.

The most important aspect to me is the way Ayurveda looks at the preparation and consumption of food combined with simple exercises of breathing and small, steps towards meditation. And most importantly, everything is presented without pressure and she makes it look easy.
— Anonymous, Tuner/Technician

Geeta is warm, calming and very professional. Her consultations are thorough and she takes her time to listen and take as much information as possible in order to recommend the best plan for you. Geeta has suggested changes to my diet, relaxation techniques, and supplements to take, she has also suggested certain treatments I will benefit from as she treats the body as a whole in order to regain balance. Her massage technique is excellent! I have already seen improvement in my health and would definitely recommend her. Geeta showed me how to do certain breathing techniques for relaxation I found this very beneficial.
— Anonymous

Geeta was extremely welcoming, intuitive and professional. She was very thorough in order to find out what best suited my individual needs for diet and my personal well being. Her menus are easy to follow and I did not feel overwhelmed with a new process that I could not handle as I have found happens often when beginning new regimes. In fact it was the opposite where each stage of change would be facilitated by myself and my personal aims which has made me more willing to make the small changes that have generally made me feel better.
— Anonymous

Geeta has helped to understand much more than diet. It’s about making small subtle changes to the way I think and interact that then translate into my day including nutrition. Small changes have made a huge difference. Time for me to think and act in a different way. The consultations are a very calm time. Treatments are another way to connect to myself as well as very relaxing!
— Anonymous, Company Director

Until now, I found my experience really useful. Geeta helped me a lot, especially with the head massage. I felt more relax after it and my migraine disappeared. Geeta is fabulous, friendly and make you feel at home. I definitely come back to her for other treatments and I highly recommend her because she use natural elements such as oil and species instead of chemicals one. There is also a good quality between price and time. After the treatment my terrible migraine disappeared. Geeta made my sessions more valuable simply explaining me what type of products she used and how she going to apply them. She stayed with me all the time, feeling me more relax.
— Anonymous, Landscape Architect, Garden & Floral Designer

Very beneficial, comprehensive and interesting. The initial consultation was very thorough and I felt listened to on a number of levels. Geeta is very perceptive and she comes across as an excellent advocate and example of the benefits of incorporating Ayurvedic principles into day to day life. Following the consultation Geeta gave me some recipe sheets which were beautifully designed with inviting pictures of the dishes which helped to motivate me to try them out. The follow up notes were also excellently presented with a lot of information. I also liked the fact that many of the suggestions could easily be incorporated into the long term. I have already had a follow up session and would definitely recommend Geeta to friends and family.I felt listened to and that the time was truly my time which in itself if very nurturing. A space is created in which you invited to explore yourself and any health issues from a different or slightly different perspective. This is helped by the fact that I never felt a session was rushed.
— Susan Williams, Complimentary Therapist & Awards Administrator

It was incredible. I felt physically and spiritually restored. My face was glowing, my body felt limber. I have been coming to Geeta Vara for over a year and I recommend her to everyone I know, whether they’re trying for a baby, wanting to lose weight or have specific pains, physical or emotional. Geeta is utterly authentic and gives of her best every time, sometimes running over if she feels there’s more to talk about or work needed on your body. I am so convinced of Geeta’s deep knowledge and love of her Ayurvedic work that I am scheduling her Ayurvedic dietary consultation. Geeta is so thorough that nothing was missed. I just wish the treatment would never end!
— Melissa Haggist, Founder of Total Package

I came out of the session feeling relaxed but at the same time energised. I would be very interested to learn more from Geeta about the nutritional side of Ayurveda and would be interested to have a consultation on the matter in the future.The overall experience was a very warming pleasant one, a bit like a cup of tea for the soul. Yes I would recommend Geeta to friends and family and already have.
— Louise Ridley, Designer, London

The Marma massage on Saturday was a fantastic break both for the mind and for the body. I could feel something circulating in my body and awakening it from deep inside. It was a very relaxing time, thanks to the atmosphere and to Geeta’s calmness. It felt as if I travelled for 90 minutes, forgetting everything outside of the room and completely relaxing! I wanted to indulge myself and Geeta made the moment feel very special.
— Marie-Sophie

I have gained so much from my treatments with Geeta. Before I met her I was stressed, putting on weight and feeling completely out of balance. I followed just two of the small steps that Geeta advised and over the weeks introduced anther change and then another. It has transformed my health and wellbeing. I am very grateful for the professional and caring support that Geeta provides and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Day to day life is very different after introducing small changes that Geeta recommended. I was having digestive problems, sleep problems and weight management problems. I now feel so much calmer and in control since my health has improved. I also have a powder treatment with Geeta, that is the best treatment I’ve ever had. It makes me feel light and refreshed and my skin is amazing afterwards.
— Kathyrn Lewellyn, Founder Positive Women, London

Geeta’s goodnight milk blend is what i always wanted ovaltine and cocoa to be and it helps you sleep too!
— Sebastian Rochford, Composer, Songwriter, Percussionist, London

At the beginning of the year I suffered a recurring intestinal complaint, which conventional medicine failed to improve. A relative in the USA had tried Ayurvedic medicine for a parasite complaint and it had worked wonders for them, so I did some research, contacted Geeta and am happy to say that after a very interesting consultation process and massage treatments I have made a huge improvement. Geeta’s expert knowledge and advice and very helpful one to one assessments/sessions have helped me immensely, and I feel that I have made a great contact to help me improve my health holistically moving forwards, as Geeta always has very useful information and advice to help with my new nutritional requirements.
— Loraine Ryan, North London

I was diagnosed with having too much heat in my body and Geeta was able to recommend cooling food and also told me which food to avoid. By following a ‘pitta-pacifying’ diet I no longer experience a burning sensation in my stomach. Geeta has also helped me to control my stress and disturbed sleeping patterns by demonstrating some simple breathing and meditation techniques to help me relax as well as a course of ayurvedic head and body treatments to release the tension that had built up over time. I would highly recommend Geeta to anyone wanting to improve their diet and lifestyle in a natural way.
— Amita Patel, IT Project Manager, London

Thanks again for a wonderful talk by Geeta. Myself and Sandra really enjoyed it again. It is so interesting and could listen to Geeta talk all day. I would certainly recommend a workshop to a friend. The workshop was a very interesting talk and was very clear and Geeta interacted with all the members in the group. Lovely relaxing room with with such nice people. Would certainly be interested in another talk and a breath workshop would be very nice as this can be so powerful.
— Debbie, Luton

I learnt that there is no need for drastic measures or extreme diets. Instead, changing a few small yet significant things according to my ‘dosha’ have helped rebalance my body gently.
— Aline, London