Ayurveda - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing

I have written this book to bring this profound ancient health wisdom in an accessible way with practical tool and techniques that you can apply in your day to day life. The purpose of this book is to allow you to experience a personalised approach to health and wellness for the first time that will blow all fad diets out of the window.


Why this book will transform your health?

  • Discover your mind/body type so that you can take a personalised approach to your health

  • Get familiar with the grass roots of your gut health and understand how it impacts your wellbeing

  • Learn practical tips to stay on top of your health 'A' game

  • Recognise the early sign and symptoms of health issues so you can apply a preventative approach to wellness

  • Be inspired and revolutionise your diet through taste not calories

  • A simplified no-nonsense approach to healthy eating

  • Identify and understand the early signs of your health issues

  • Address ongoing health issues from stress and fatigue, to immune system issues, gastro-intestinal problems, disturbed sleep, headache/migraine, weight management

  • Restore your health by tuning into the rhythm of nature

  • Learn the art of true detoxification, breathing and meditation

What you won’t find in this book

  • A short-term fix to your health issues

  • Restrictive or fad diets

  • Too much theory that you won't understand

  • A generalised approach to your health

The birth of Ayurveda

I truly believe in divine timing and the journey of my book Ayurveda is true testimony to this. Several years ago a seed was planted deep inside my heart and soul and this was a seed to write a book. Although the prospect was very exciting I felt that the soils were not fertile for my seed to be planted. In January 2017, I set a strong intention to write a book my field of expertise - Holistic Wellness through Ayurveda, no sooner that 2 weeks passing, my literary agent Laetitia magically appeared and the seed was finally sown. Over the last 18 months, we have journeyed from proposal to print.

Ayurveda, published on 7th June 2018 by Orion Spring, is an imprint of Orion Books. Buy Ayurveda NOW and subscribe to my newsletter for my latest health and wellness tips, events and recipes.

I can’t wait to share my first book with you!

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Book Launch Celebration at Farm Girl Cafe, Soho