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Effortless weight management with Ayurveda

  • @ Drakes of London 19 Jerdan Place, Fulham Broadway London SW6 1BE United Kingdom (map)

If battling with weight management has been an issue for you, you will know that the vast array of diets simply don't have lasting health benefits and that's because they are designed as a short, isolated programme to achieve a specific goal and that mean it is not always an holistic approach. As one of the fastest growing epidemics, obesity and weight management seems like a mind field but what we really need is a natural lifestyle shift by understanding our body and our relationship to food.

In this workshop we discuss:

  • The Ayurvedic view on weight management 
  • Foods that heal and foods that keel 
  • Practical guidance for losing excess pounds and maintaining a healthy body
  • Herbs & spices that support natural weight management
  • Ayurvedic approach to exercise

Limited spaces only.

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