With the stresses of the economic climate, employees are often working longer hours, with an increasing workload and to pressing deadlines often resulting in compromised employee health and stress related health conditions. Companies are increasingly aware of the impact on productivity and therefore are looking for ways to maintain healthy and happy personnel. An investment in an Ayurvedic wellness programme can help:

  • Improve employee health and encourage a health conscious workplace
  • Reduce absenteeism due to ill health
  • Reduce the number of work stress related illnesses
  • Maintain staff loyalty
  • Increase energy, vitality and concentration of all members of staff
  • Boost self confidence and positivity
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

The wellness in the workplace programme features a range of Ayurvedic services Health Education Seminars Personalised Ayurvedic Consultations Onsite desk massage Yoga & Breathing workshop

Geeta Vara presents seminars on ayurvedic health education, directly relevant to corporate employees both in and out of the working environment.

    Create the Perfect Work Life Balance - Introduction to Ayurveda

    • The history & philosophy of ayurveda
    • Basic principles of Ayurveda
    • What's your constitution/dosha type (quiz)
    • Combat common work and lifestyle related conditions through Ayurveda
    • Bring back the feel good factor and balance in and out of work

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    Increase Energy by Eating Right for your Body Type

    • Ayurveda daily diet principles
    • Dosha - your ayurvedic body type
    • Importance and impact of good digestion
    • foods and herbs that fuel you or zap you
    • Energy increasing ayurvedic lifestyle advise

    Secrets of Ayurvedic Stress Management

    • Where stress comes from and how it affects the mind and body
    • Lifestyles choices to manage stress
    • Treatments and herbs to combat stress
    • Stretches & Breathing exercises to relax and quieten the mind

    Awaken the Mind, The path to Mental Clarity

    • Got brain fog? Understand Ayurvedic Office lifestyle tips
    • Ayurvedic 'brain' foods to get you through the day
    • Herbs to stimulate the mind
    • Exercises to free your mind 
    • The power of positive feeling

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    Create Natural Immunity

    • Toxic causes that deplete the immune system 
    • Relationship between food and immunity 
    • Increase resistance with immune boosting foods
    • Prognosis of ignored tell tale signs 

    Additional Information

    • For investment details for a tailored Ayurvedic wellness package please contact us
    • Seminars are designed to be 75-90 minutes long so they are ideal for extended lunch breaks
    • Seminars take place at the convenience of your office meeting room
    • Full day of personalised taster consultations available (30 mins x 15 employees)
    • Full 75 minute ayurvedic consultation sessions are available by arrangement, perhaps as part of a bonus scheme or corporate gift (gift vouchers available)