Brain Boosting Brahmi

Brahmi - the herb associated to Lord Brahma - the creator or the divine universal consciousness. Brahma literally translates as energy or 'shakti' of Brahma.

For me Brahmi is a  perfect option for the challenging urban environment and My go to sattvic rejuvenator for the mind (medhya rasayana) since it opens the gateway to our consciousness and something I've been needing as we transition through the summer. A pitta pacifying herb due to it's cooling effect and bitter, sweet and astringent taste.

Brahmi is the name used for two herbal varieties and there is sometimes some confusion. In North India, brahmi refers to centella asiatica and often called gotu kola and in South India brahmi is referred to bacopa monniera. Traditionally both of these herbs were often used together to form ‘brahmi’ but today they are more commonly available as separate herbs. This sattvic herb is considered to be a cleansing brain tonic and is predominantly used to enhance our focus and concentration whilst maintain a sense of peace and calm. Brahmi is thought to have a positive effect on the hippocampus part of the brain that is responsible for cognition, concentration. memory. What’s more, If you observe the shape of the leaf it has a similar shape to that of the cerebellum part of the brain.

Brahmi can be used in various forms from powder, medicated ghee, oils to tablets.

Some key benefits of Brahmi include:

  • Helpful in removing ama (toxins) and acts as a powerful antioxidant and therefore neutralising harmful free radicals due to it’s bitter taste

  • It can help to release negative thoughts and enhance mood

  • Enhances mental clarity and supports memory

  • Helps manage stress, anxiety and supports sound sleep

  • It is considered a nervine tonic and nourishes the brain and nervous system as well as cleanse

  • It contributes in blood sugar regulation

  • Protects against mental degeneration and has a rejuvenating effect of brain cells due to bacoside, the active bio chemical compound

  • Supports digestive health due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties

  • Brahmi oil is great for scalp health reducing dryness, itching and dandruff whilst calming and soothing the mind.

Consult your Ayurvedic Practitioner for suitability, dosage and safe usage of this (and all) herbs especially if you are suffering from degenerative mental conditions of mental health challenges and cases of pregnancy. Long term use of herbs are generally not encouraged.

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