How to spot the signs of digestive toxins

Sure, we are what we eat but from an Ayurvedic perspective I believe it’s more accurate to say that we are what we do and don’t digest. Regardless of how healthy we deem our diet to be, if our digestive system is out of whack even healthy foods can become toxic digestive substances. The gut is the epicentre of both good health and disease. Through a combination or consuming foods that disturb digestion, irregular timing of meals, stress and unconscious eating habits and a weakened agni, the digestive system becomes a breeding ground for toxins called ‘ama’ in Ayurveda. Ama is foul-smelling, thick, heavy and sticky ama ferments and clogs the intestinal channels of the body and has no supportive function in the body. Whatever your gut does not digest properly can become toxic waste for your body, and this starts with ama.

Here are the some easy to detect signs of ama in your system.

  • Coated tongue (whitish or yellowish)

  • Poor appetite

  • Sensitive digestion/indigestion

  • Bloating and wind with bad odour

  • Irritable elimination/ sluggish, sticky bowel motions

  • Foul-smelling or sinking/sticky stools, undigested particles in stools

  • Fatigue/lethargy

  • Bad breath/sticky mouth

  • Unusual or foul body odour

  • Generalised body ache/heaviness

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Lacking lustre in eyes and skin

  • Depression

  • Low immunity and recurring infections

  • Waking up feeling unrested, even after good sleep

  • Constipation

Do you have any of these signs? If so, it could be a perfect time to reset your digestive system, clear ama and reignite your agni. Read more about habits that weaken agni and create ama. Or buy the book.