Habits that lead to a weakened digestive fire and rise in toxins

Rome wasn’t built in a day and diseases don’t form overnight either, however they do start with irregular diet and lifestyle habits and not living aligned to our mind-body type (prakruti). Sometimes it is hard to believe that these small factors can have such a significant impact.

Our liver is pretty robust detox mechanism so digestive toxins (ama) won’t form and cause disease after the occasional offence, however repetitive bad habits will take its toll and weaken the digestive system and toxins will accumulate and circulate to other parts of the body, and reside where there is a weakness resulting is various health conditions. Disease is the result of a collective and cumulative pattern that allows ama to become present over time and thrive.  

What are the diet and lifestyle habits that lead to an increase in ama?

  • Eating when you have indigestion

  • Consuming incompatible foods

  • Overeating

  • Consuming heavy or indigestible articles of food

  • Eating raw and uncooked foods

  • Consuming foods and drinks that are too cold

  • Eating unclean/contaminated foods

  • Drinking too much water with food

  • Suppressing natural urges (belching, passing urine, wind or stools)

  • Eating when you are under any emotional stress

  • Eating when there is no real hunger, having irregular diet habits

  • Eating dry, fried or dehydrated foods

  • Eating excessive amounts of processed/packaged foods

  • Eating when constipated

  • Eating before your previous meal has been digested

  • Drinking fruit juices with meals

How many of these habits resonate with your eating patterns? Is it time for you to make diet and lifestyle adjustments as a preventative health measure? Read more about the signs of ama. Or buy the book.