Ancient traditions of tongue scraping

Have you noticed a stickiness in your mouth or a thick white coating on your tongue when you wake up in the morning? Wonder where the bad breath comes from? You see as we sleep, metabolic toxins accumulate (ama) in the oral cavity as the body goes through the process of detoxing during our sleeping hours. Bacterial build up occurs in the entire oral cavity (tongue, gums, throat) and not just the teeth, so brushing alone doesn’t get the job done. For me the completeness of oral hygiene starts after brushing my teeth.

Metabolic toxins are best removed first thing in the morning (and evening for me) as part of your oral hygiene routine so they do not get re-ingested into the digestive tract. It’s a safe and assured step to keeping your gut cleansed and healthy. It’s not unusual to have a little residual coating on the tongue, but the healthier your diet and lifestyle the less accumulations of toxins and hence less coating on the tongue. Take a look at your tongue next time you brush your teeth - what does it tell you?

It has never been a better time to introduce tongue scraping as part of your ayurvedic morning cleansing rituals than right now! I mean I simply can’t imagine life without one - It’s totally married to my toothbrush!

This is a vedic ritual that I grew up with from the moment I had a full set of teeth and I am so grateful for these old Indian traditions that have become so essential at a time where gut health has never been more important to our wellness. 

Using a traditional U-shaped stainless steel or copper scraper, this quick and easy ritual can easily remove the build up of your residual digestive toxins. It’s time to invest in a tongue scraper for full oral hygiene the Ayurvedic way. Here are just a few reasons why you too simply can’t live without a tongue scraper:

  • Remove white coating and stickiness from tongue (digestive toxins)

  • Remove local bad breath

  • Freshens breath

  • Stimulates taste buds & restore taste sensation

  • Enhance the entire process of digestion

  • Helps remove bacteria, food debris, fungi, deal cells

  • Works well in combination with a natural tooth brush and non fluoride toothpaste, followed by oil pulling ( a complete Ayurvedic oral hygiene routine)

How to use:

  • Do this after brushing first thing in the morning (before food)

  • Open mouth and gently stick out tongue

  • Using a hand for each handle, place the scraper firmly at the back of the tongue and pull forward with a little pressure.

  • Rinse the write debris from the scraper 

  • Rinse mouth between once you have completed 6-8 rounds of scraping.This can be adjusted depending on the coating

  • Rinse the scraper well in hot water and store

Want in on the action? Choose from a traditional stainless steel or copper scraper. Order yours now: