Ayurvedic Kansu bowl foot massage

Who doesn’t love a foot massage? Not only does it feel nice and relaxing for tired feet, there are many therapeutic benefits of massage to the feet. With over 12 of the 107 marma points found on the feet and lower legs, subtle rebalancing can be achieved as these points correlate to various organs as well as numerous nerve endings in the feet.

A foot massage can detoxify and stimulate the proper functioning of the vital body organs. This massage can help stimulate circulation of blood, lymph and free flow of prana (vital life force energy). Being a tri-doshic treatment, it is suitable for people of all doshic constitutions whether they are vata, pitta or kapha dominant.

Ayurveda has a special technique using a kansu bowel, traditionally called a ‘vatki’ containing three metals, copper, bronze and zinc each with their own therapeutic benefit. Copper helps absorb the excess body heat and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties particularly in the joints. Zinc stimulates the muscular tissue (mamsa dhatu) as well as contain antiseptic properties. Bronze acts as a catalyst for the former.

The treatment is performed with ghee (clarified butter) to massage the feet and lower legs and therefore balancing for pitta (fire element). This treatment can assist deeper sleep, reduce stress, depression and anxiety improve overall metabolism and strengthen the lower limbs. Just try it! 

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