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Happy healthy new year. 
What intentions did you set yourself for 2017? 
If holistic health is your focus, look no further
and explore Ayurveda's ancient wisdom. 
A tailored & complete journey of self discovery & wellbeing.


An authentic Ayurvedic consultation with Geeta will give you an in-depth health, medical, diet and lifestyle assessment using traditional and modern techniques to diagnosis your health status and pin point any problem areas. Advice will be given for changes to your diet and lifestyle to suit your constitution and herbs and treatments recommended. Whether you need a full MOT, detox, digestive correction, advice on weight management, skin care or a rejuvenating massage, contact us for MORE INFORMATION ...

Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food - Ayurvedic Proverb.
Autumn is here and we need to detox the mind and body and
ignite the digestive f
ire ready for winter.
Book a session to learn about a diet and lifestyle suitable for your constitution.

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